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My Corner of the World

October 23rd, 2010

Doctor's Appointment Update @ 08:51 pm

Doctor's appointment was fine. She gave me citaolpram for my anxiety/depression. I have to go back on November second for a follow up and some blood work. That should be fun considering I hate needles with a passion.

October 19th, 2010

I have a doctor's appointment today @ 08:15 am

It's the first Doctor's appointment I have had in I can't tell you how long. It's good though because I have been having more and more panic attacks and been a bit depressed as of late. The panic attacks worry me. I had one in the grocery store before I called to set this up. I had never had one anywhere outside of work before. It was scary.

Surprisingly I am not nervous. Not really sure why. I thought I would be. I wanted to cancel it a few weeks ago. But now that it's here I'm glad.

Time to play catch up again @ 08:11 am

I know I know I haven't posted here in ages. I've been busy. Will try to catch you all up. Let's see:

1. the move went fine. I love the new place and things are going really well with Kelly, my housemate.

2. On the job front I got a promotion at work so I am full-time now. This means I am actually paying most of my bills which makes me extremely happy. Money's still tight, but then it always is.

3. I have been trying to find something outside of retail work wise and haven't been able to. But being at B&N is no where near as bad as being at FYE was so it's not so bad.

4. I haven't really done any fic writing in eons. Started a few fics for one of the soaps I watch... but they died. And as for Doctor Who... I can't seem to fic it anymore. And I'm behind again in comics so writing DC fic isn't really working either. Though I may try and write something soon.

5. The holidays will be looking up this year as Mom is now home for them. So the fact I can't get anytime at Christmas won't matter. I don't have to fly down to Florida

February 12th, 2010

Doing a Major Snoopy Dance @ 10:48 am

So we all know the nill depth perception means I can't drive. And this also means I have to take cabs everywhere. Which when you're only making well, peanuts, the $100 bucks it costs to get to work can make things very tight.

Now when I left the full time gig Mom sorta said she'd pick up the bills. Which yeah sucks, cause as I told her I feel like I live at home kinda. But she keeps telling me not to worry about it. I think my telling her my stress gets so bad razor blades looks good might have scared her. Didn't mean to do that. But things are a bit better now because I am out of the hell hole.

And things are about to get even better. My friend Kelly and I are getting an apartment together. It is in town, has washer dryer hook up. Has 3 bedrooms, plus an office nook off one of them. I am just beyond excited. with the money I save on transportation I may actually be able to contribute to the bills. Which would help my self esteem immensly.

So I am feeling really good right now. I'd almost go so far as to say I am happy.

Oh and for all of you who haven't and are DC Comics fans you NEED to check out Smallville: Absolute Justice, cause OMG it was Awesome.

February 7th, 2010

Update on Me and other stuff @ 04:20 pm

Nothing to report on the job front. Still looking for something full time.

However, this has given me tons of time to catch up on my comics. Which is good. So I'm mostly current.

I saw Absolute Justice, the Smallville movie event thingy. LOVED IT.

What's been up with all of my friends?

Oh and I'll try to check back here more often.

January 6th, 2010

Look out I'm gonna be spamming @ 09:02 pm

Well not really, but I am doing this post then I am doing my Waters of Mars End of Time post cause I realized I hadn't done those yet. Though they will probably come tomorrow.

I have been on Twitter. That's where I hang out the most now. I know I know I said I'd be here more. But when you're as far behind as I am, well I wasn't sure how to catch up. So I've stayed away.

I am still behind on comics. So I can't even say anything about that.

I guess this was the post to say if you want to feel free to follow me on twitter. the name is the same as on the lj Rachel68620.

Otherwise there's not much else going on. I still haven't found full time job, though I had a prospect the other day.

Christmas was okay. Stayed home. But wanted it that way. New Years was fine. Slept through midnight.

Had a Christmas season where I didn't come home and curl up in the fetal position on a daily basis so it was all good.

Guess that's it.

Hope everyone had a safe fun holidays.

October 30th, 2009

My rhoughts on the Wedding of Sarah Jane @ 11:08 pm

1, Oh how I've missed Ten

2. Key to Time Refrence WOOT

3. David looks hot in the suit.

4.  I felt so bad for Sarah Jane.

5. The line about the Doctor being allowed to call Sarah Jane Sarah is full on 100% WIN

6. And this is most important: The TARDIS has to lock Ten inside and make Jack fight certain baddies at Christmas.  He's immortal he can do it. 

6a. Yes I am willing to sacrifice Jack.  If that makes me a bad Jack fan so be it.

October 20th, 2009

"Time and a Place Jack", the Doctor had always said..... @ 10:29 pm

This one is for me, cause I've wanted one of these for ages.  It's also for Bex, who said Ten/Jack.  Though again, this probably isn't what she meant.  Yes it's sad.  No there aren't any real spoilers.  Just wishful thinking.  So no spoiler space or cuts.

Jack had dreamed of this moment ever since he’d flung himself onto the TARDIS and met the new Doctor. Though, while in his dreams they were usually in the console room, the Doctor wasn’t about to regenerate. Jack knew this was probably the wrong time and the wrong place, but hey a guy had to take his chances where they came.

He leaned down and kissed the Doctor softly on the lips. He pulled away and the Doctor arched a brow.

“What did you do that for?” He asked wincing as the regeneration started.

“I wanted to say goodbye.” Jack said turning away.

When he turned back the Doctor was staring up at him. The regeneration complete.


Halloween @ 10:15 pm

This is for Bex who gave me the prompt Halloween.  Though this probably isn't what she had in mind.  It's a double drabble.  Unbetaed.

The door bell rang at 13 Bannerman Road and Sarah Jane Smith peeped through the window to see who it was. She smiled and opened the door. Outside stood Luke, wearing a pinstripe suit, brown trench and glasses. His hair was a mess piled on his head just so. Besides him Clyde wore a grey trench coat. He also had a leather strap on his wrist. Rani was dressed like she always was, yet she was holding a lipstick in her hand. K-9 finished out the group wagging his tail.

“Trick or Treat.” The three of them said in unison.

It was then Sarah Jane noticed the man standing behind them. Wearing a curly brown wig, that peeked out from under the large hat on his head, and coat. And a scarf he looked like he was about to trip on. She couldn’t stop the smile.

“Oh, Doctor. What am I going to do with you?”

“Give me a banana flavored candy of course.”

Sarah Jane smiled and dumped candy into their bags. They went to the next house and Sarah Jane went back to working on her article. It wasn’t until they’d gone that she let the laughter bubble out. Life on Bannerman Road was anything but boring.


I want to write a Who drabble or two. @ 09:52 pm

So I need you're help.  Someone give me prompt and who you want in it.  Please.  Though I must admit, if it's any Doctor other than Five or Ten it may take me a bit to come up with something, but I will try.

My Corner of the World